Behavior have spent several years refining their blend No Wave tinged hardcore. The music stands apart from the rest by  being simultaneously raw and detached. Dissonant guitars are met with catchy hooks, it partly pays tribute to raw-punk and power-violence, and on the other hand makes nods to Wire and VU. Bedros Yeretzian's vocals sound as if he swallowed a raccoon and he's screaming to let it out, but the lyrics are strangely voyeuristic, removed and poetic. The band is a powerful one and this cassette is definitely a banger. They have recently released a full length on Iron Lung records. 

Maxwell Genders is a southern  california native doing down tempo electronics. The two tracks contained here flirt with Sci-Fi and 80s soundtrack sounds, as well as field recordings and dreamy abstract synths. Highly recommended for getting lost driving around LA.

We made 250 of this cassette, we have about 50 left and then its gone forever, except maybe some copies available at behavior shows. The cassette artwork was drawn by Behavior bassist Justin and printed on risograph  with the help of Golden Spike press. 

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